Monday, June 13, 2011

i'm a terrorist cause i have bangs

went to nadra today to register for a shanakhti card. after my picture was taken i moved on to fingerprinting and then data entry. this process took about fifteen minutes? so i'm at data entry and the aunty goes beta you have to get your picture taken again. because of the bangs falling over onto my face. ok, sure. but what could the bangs be hiding? they don't expect a namaz ka nishan do they? khair, i went to get my picture taken again. except my hair wouldn't stay back.

now, time to back up a little. i got my last haircut in april and my hair's still longish-short which basically translates to i have the shaggy-dog look.

kinda like that, except i'm not kate moennig and i don't ever wear earrings and my hair is wavy and, well, different. BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE.

so the bangs fall onto my face. they have GROWN that way it seems because if i wash them and push them back and everything they still fall forwards. i want to look like a gangsta but end up looking like a janwar.

so, back to the story: amma tried to brush my hair back and it came promptly down, just looking a little messed up. khair i'd to go to the bathroom to slick it back with water.

i came out, got the picture taken, and then was informed that would have to go for fingerprinting again. the why was beyond me so the conclusion i have drawn is that IF YOU HAVE BANGS, YOU'RE A TERRORIST. yes there is a pun in there.

so then i got fingerprinted again and then went to data entry and finally got my form. then checked out my picture which turned out horrible, obviously. as my brother said, i look like a stone cold killer. not like a gangster stone cold killer. just a stone cold killer. like a con. but not even a tegan and sara type con. to get to the point, i just look bad but not good bad but bad bad. eff you nadra camera. because i looked at the picture in their computer. it looked fine. but when it came out on the form it looked weird. wtf?


  1. everyone gets a bad nadra picture . mine is way too horrible -_-
    it's not us it's the camera.
    shaggy dog look hot <3

  2. yes! my mother looks like she's unwell in hers. yes it must be the camera but WHAT THE HELL GOES ON IN IT? it makes no sense to me.
    i like the shaggy dog look too, but i'm kinda bored with it for now. wanna try something new :D

  3. Guess what, my ID card only has half of my thumb impression and that half is tilted towards the left. I don't know what happened to the rest.