Friday, February 4, 2011

yay update

Hi guys! It's time for a proper update. This will be in like three parts.

Part 1: What's going on in my life

Ah. Nothing, really. I'm writing, that's good. My computer's still not fixed, which sucks. Test week's coming up, another bummer. Oooh! I read Watchmen, which is epic. And guess where I found it! IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY. YES. How awesome is that? Very, I tell you.

Watchmen is kickass and you must read it. If you're in my school, just get it from the library and be awesome. Otherwise, it's available at Liberty and t2f. But it's freaking EXPENSIVE. Like HEY I'M A RICH KID SO I CAN AFFORD GRAPHIC NOVELS type expensive. Which is really unfair. I mean, if I could afford it, I'd buy it. But I can't, because HELLO I HAVE TO BUY OTHER BOOKS TOO. I'm a huge proponent of inexpensive books. I mean, really, why are books so expensive? It's not like anyone even reads them. But that's not even the point. The point is that a lot of writers are like, dead and I don't see why I should pay like Rs 500 just to buy their books. I'm all for giving money to living people.

But dead ones? I don't think so. It's stupid how George Orwell's family holds the rights to his books or something. GIVE ME A BREAK! THE MAN WAS A SOCIALIST.

Deep breath. Moving onnn.

OH, I'm finally eighteen now! Yay! Exciting. Now I can legally buy cigarettes.

...which shall deter me from buying them, of course. kinda. sorta. i hope.

God, I love women who smoke. Seriously. I mean like what? I read a statistic about Pakistani men and tobacco the other day. It was a high percentage, above 50 pc, definitely. Anyhow, Paki men are boring (THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!), so let's cut to the women. The kind that smoke are the awesome ones. They're the kind I want to frandsheep with.

[Enter: Smoking girl, ME
me: omg u r so deviant and k3wl can we be bffs
girl: fu
me: awesome!

Yes, I know, some while back my blog had an anti-smoking poster. But kya karien? 1) nobody reads this blog anyway & 2) I'm not actually promoting smoking ( It's bad, kids, don't do it), I'm just commenting on it. As a symbol, you know. Please don't start smoking because of me. You can social-smoke though, that's cool.

Just BTW, nicotine does exactly ZERO for me. Caff forever!

OK. Talk like Rorschach now. No articles. Disjointed sentences. Fun.

OMG!! IDEA!! (this is the result of too much Shakespeare this term)


Rorschach's journal, February Fourth, tw'n
Eleven. Went to school today. Went to
The immortal man to tell him that some'ne
Plans to kill him (this is so cool!). Then came
Home & did this. Ha-ha! OKTHXBAI.

[Exit, chased by a bear.
YOU GUYS. Exit, chased by a bear has to be the most epic Shakespeare moment ever.

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