Tuesday, April 19, 2011

STARTED WITH THE DESERT have you guys seen this piece of epicness yet?

lyrics (from the description):

Started with the desert (x2), came from the desert (x2), came in September (x4), life was so difficult nothing in the desert, suddenly with the help of God lfie became much better, proudly attracted by wisdom of the founder (x4), history to remember desert life was harder, King Saud, Faisal, Khalid and Fahad, together stronger they are the maker (x4), make with the desert (x2), rise in the desert. divided in th desert, start in September (x4), life began in desert (x8), King Abdul-Aziz (x4), "hey this is the song Saudi Arabia, sing the song with us, HEEEYYY OYEE!!!", Malik Fahad Bin Abdul-Aziz Al- Sauuuddddd, day by day they build up (x2), time to time they prosper (x2), resided together (x4), no office were in desert no park were in desert no roads were in desert no cars were in desert (x2), the flower the water the park in the desert (x4), students were zero now they are the million hospitals were zero now they are the hundred (x2), pleasure and prosper with guidance of the leader (x2), King Fahad King Fahad the leader of the nation (x2), oil reserve are here (x2), Gold reserve are here (x2), LOVE Saudi Arab (x4), King Fahad is the thinker (x4), King Fahad is the leader (x4), We LOVE King Fahad (x4)

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