Friday, January 6, 2012

Tip: idiotproof your phone

Yesterday, I sent a text to the wrong recipient and FREAKED THE HELL OUT. It's happened to me a bunch of times, and has never been short of embarrassing. On a scale of randomness, going from mildly random to pretty random to so random you can't make sense of it, these texts always fall just below so random you can't make sense of it, so I always have to come up with an explanation and because I'm weird this explanation doesn't always sound very plausible i.e. b/c I'm weird what I'm saying is more likely to be misconstrued than understood, especially out of context.

While I was freaking out I was like BAS THIS IS IT I'M DELETING ALL MY CONTACTS EXCEPT FOR THE ONES I REALLY NEED but then I realized why I have these contacts in the first place (in case of emergency, family, acquaintances, work-related, a number for Hulva Puri, numbers of dormant stalkers so I can recognize them when they turn active, numbers of O level tuition teachers etc). I have to keep them, even the ones that I don't really understand, like this number for "Turkish Delight." The number isn't even a home/cell number, it's just a number: 223287917.

edit: OH WAIT I GET IT! I typed it on my phone and it spells out 'Cadbury's'. ...still don't know why it's in my phone as a contact.

I realized I needed an actual system that would prevent me from texting the wrong people, something better than "oh, look before you text" because hello, that doesn't always work. So last night I decided to idiotproof my phone by adding a hashtag (#) to contacts that I don't usually text (or people who can't handle my weird). So, yeah. It took a lot of time. I have a lot of people on my phone! At the end of it I have only thirteen contacts and a bunch of home phone numbers without the hashtag. Everything else looks like


and at least in my phone anything with a special character comes after the regular alphabetical list so now I never have to text the wrong person ever again because to get to the wrong person I first have to search hashtag numbers. Everyone I usually text is in the regular list and so easier to get to.

Why didn't I think of this before?

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