Wednesday, March 14, 2012

dr manhattan on life

Laurie: "Humanity is about to be become extinct. Doesn't it bother you"

Dr. Manhattan: "All that pain and conflict done with? All that needless suffering over at last? No, that doesn't bother me."


"Jon, what about the war? You've got to prevent it! Everyone will die."

Dr. Manhattan: "...And the universe will not even notice."


"In my opinion, [life's] a highly overrated phenomenon. Mars gets along perfectly without so much as a micro-organism."


(Talking about Mars) "
...Giant steps, ninety feet high...A constantly changing topographical map, flowing and shifting...Tell me...would it be greatly improved by an oil pipeline?"

I agree with what he says. But then I read the second portion of To the Lighthouse and it depressed the fuck out of me. The empty house made me want to cry. I am so confused. I thought, well, maybe life is something after all.

But then I remembered Virginia Woolf killed herself. 

There is chaos in my head right now. Every time I try to think about this I have to distract myself because I feel that there is no answer, that any estimation of the worth of life is rooted somehow in sentimentality or instinct and that the opposite is perhaps hence rooted in cold rationalism and fatalism. I don't know. 

Dr Manhattan later remarks that perhaps life is awesome because it's "rarer than a quark", but I don't buy that. 

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