Sunday, March 20, 2011

the perfect notebook

NOTEBOOKS ARE AWESOME. I'm the sort of person who is far more interested in buying notebooks than filling them up. Unfortunately a lot of the notebooks in the market do not conform to my exhaustive-yet-completely-sensible list of demands, so I don't end up buying any. Instead I resort to buying extra school notebooks and filling their boring lined paper up with stuff I should be filling up sexy, creamy paper with and then feel sad.

I've had three notebooks so far, and am nearing the end of my fourth.

I fill my notebooks with poems, prose, ideas, quotes, lines from songs. I hardly ever doodle, not being much of a doodler. More of a ponderer, I write down thoughts that feel like revelations before I forget them.

My first notebook was all poems, just one prose piece. On the front I'd pasted an Oscar Wilde quote, the irony of it not lost on me (I savoured it instead): Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. In the back, crazy drawings bloomed all over the page, intersected with random lines/quotes.

My second was also mostly poems, with a letter here or there. On the back I wrote a poem about being a writer. My third was better organized initially, with the lines in the bottom left out for tagging so I could find things faster. I think my third notebook (a recycled planner) was the most fun. On the front, in silver marker, I wrote my name. On the back, I wrote I LIE, STEAL AND STALK. I got pissed off with the boring cover of my current one and unwisely attacked it with a black pen. It didn't become a black cover, it's just gray criss-crossed wildly with black -_-

I'm still trying to figure out a way to effectively organize my writing because I go all crazy-ass and then I can't find things.

On the back of all my notebooks are stickers off the caps of Uniball Signo pens, which are the kind I use because they're awesome. They're like little markers for the amount of ink that's been used up over the course of the notebook.BTW, the Uniball people are nice enough to help you find the perfect pen.

my preciousssss

Anyhow, time to get to The Perfect Notebook.

Size: 8x5? What size is a moleskine?

Cover: I like leatherbound. But it could be the sturdy, shiny plastic material instead because leatherbound has issues if you get it wet. I want MCR on the cover. Or t&s.

Paper: Smooth (or slightly grainy, actually), creamy white paper. Not the shit kind that looks great but which the ink bleeds through. Plain, unlined paper alternating with graph paper/lined paper. Plastic tabs to make additional sections.

Inside Cover: More MCR/t&s. Inside pockets.

Binding: STITCHED. No spirals, staples are okay; three-ring binding is okay too. No glue.

Linkspam: Pac-man notebooks. A blog about notebooks which you should def. stalk.

Do you love notebooks? Do you have notebooks? Have you ever had a notebook? TELL MEEEEEE


  1. You maDe you remember "Harriet the spy"...!!!!

  2. Totally dig notebooks.
    Is it wrong to drool a little with the flash of designer notebooks instead of designer lawn?
    Just wondering :P

  3. @Hamza hahahahha. except i don't spy on people :P
    @Dawson no it is not wrong. it is awesome.