Saturday, July 30, 2011

mqm peace rally

LOL. MQM and peace? Whut?

Well, this is their latest stunt. Irony ka scene itna crazy hai ke with FULL REALIZATION that a peace rally will FUCK UP HALF THE TRAFFIC OF THE CITY, mqm thinks, 'Hmmm. To ruin people's peace of mind or to not do so?'

It just so happens that whenever mqm is faced with this question, it always chooses to go with whatever causes the most problems. So yes, there was a giant rally and the traffic was blocked.

I mean really. Everyone knows mqm has this whole facade about not being the actual fasadis [try saying that out loud], but this just takes the bloody cake. I was all like REALLY PAPI??? REALLY??? [yes, that's a pun and a reference! ohgodiamahipsterohshit] because, well, I'd stepped out thinking I'd help amma get her banner made and then we'd go to Boat Club and I'd row and maybe have some peace time at the gym, etc etc, but then there were like a zillion buses and motorbikes going towards the port and so it was decided it's best to just go home. Going home took an hour.

What was the point of this rally? I feel like I'm living in 1984 sometimes. I'm sick and tired and everyone is, too, of mqm's stupid harkatien and timewastes and there's just going to be peace if mqm leaves everything alone. that's not going to happen, though, I guess.

so, in other news, I bought a notebook! yay.It's china ka maal but it looks good. The paper could be better, though.


  1. Oh, the irony.
    My favorite part about Karachi is the "Jiye Altaf Bhai" signs all over the place. And the Touchme chorangi. Makes Islamabad look like a gaaon.
    Lolz @ notebook.

  2. What? There's a touchme chorangi? there's touchme signs all over the place too. sometimes i really wonder about the inception of the name.

    islamabad is cute. i always think of islamabad as forks, wa.

  3. What Karachi do you live in? I've visited Karachi twice this year and made sure I pay my respects to atleast one Touchme chorangi each time. Heres a blurry picture.

    Islamabad is Gay. Like JustinBieber Gay. Not homosexual Gay.

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHH. ok. i'm a defence child and don't go to gulshan-e-iqbal often, and though i do go all the way to jauhar sometimes i go by the main road and haven't seen this. maybe andar kaheen hai, i don't know.

    yes! that it is. all my islamabad cousins tell me things like how you have only one mcdonald's and kfc and such. ahahahaha.