Thursday, October 27, 2011

mad girl's love song, right back at you

I wish I could write a proper, nice tribute to her but fortunately for the world someone has already done it better.

I've written the following in a flurry, so you can just skip it.

I love her poetry; it's, well, pure. It's raw, bordering on the emo, and yet it's fresh. You don't get all 'oh that's just bs teenage angst' when you read her because underneath those simple words are images she's constructed with artistry. And that's the difference between a poet and somebody just 'expressing themselves.'

But I must also mention how much I feel I can identify with her. And I'm sure a lot of her readers do, from one angle or the other and so she's not just some person who put words on paper but a living breathing being who speaks, even now, through her poems.

I know it's terrible that over the years her life and death have become...entertainment. For public consumption. Turned into a movie so everybody can see it. Her daughter wrote an open letter about that. I agree with it. But I also feel that other than just the shallow sensational types, again, a lot of her readers can identify with her. And so her story is also really important.

It's important to me as a girl/woman who writes.
It's important to me as a person who doesn't feel ok all the time.
It's important to me because she was brilliant and cool and ... other things got the best of her.
It's important to me because, well, it's important.

I have a list in my head, humanity vs humanity, and as each of my heroes/heroines have fallen in history, I've taken a note. It's not just her. It' many people, and the tragedy, the waste of it all , for all kinds of stupid petty reasons...overwhelms me.


  1. Word.

    Btw, would you believe? My University network blocks that link under the category "Gay and Lesbian Issues". Pathetic.

  2. WHAT? REALLY? in a way i'm excited autostraddle's become famous enough to be banned but universities should not ban stuff. for real, wtf.

    to access it try posting into your address bar or try using google cache to get to it.