Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get some vitamin :D

so I'm on kind-of winter break and that translates to VACATION.

I really, really deserve a vacation. I've worked really hard this term. And this (well-earned) break from parhai/school-related tension is GOOD. I'm using it to stock up on Cool Movies (can you believe I just saw Black Swan yesterday? I mean wtf WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG) and Good Shows (Community, 30 Rock waghaira) and I am planning to actually go to and take a class or two. I even started one about art.

Feeling good is not easily describable. It can only be explained in terms of how not unhappy I am, I suppose. So I am moderately not unhappy. I am going out. I am looking at new things. I am feeling things other than depression and boredom. I am thinking, but not too much.

Only problem with this vacation is that this is an in-between period, and I need to be working on collegeapps. Collegeapps are a funny situation right now.

You see,
a) I don't want to do them
b) I may not have to do them
c) I will probably only know the answer to whether it is a good idea to do collegeapps or not is at a time when I should be done with them. This is because
d) I ED'd.

Yes! I don't know if I've mentioned this before here but I have been productive enough to ED (Early Decision). So, if I get accepted/get enough aid, done deal. I must then withdraw any and all applications to other schools. ONLY PROBLEM IS I'LL GET THE REPLY AT A TIME WHEN I SHOULD BE DONE WITH MY OTHER APPS. Which means that I still have to do them.


Also, I'm semi-freaking out because I know people who have ED'd to other schools and got replies. I have not got a reply (yet).

So!! To make this vacation a true paradise, A2 has the snake brought (high five JD).

But I'm not complaining. I love the college I've ED'd to.And maybe, just maybe, writing essays will lead to personal growth for me. God knows writing a kickass essay to What does Play-Doh™ have to do with Plato? for U of Chicago was fun (no sarcasm here). But then there's random stupid topics that I don't know the answer and don't consider important enough to think of answers to. In fact thinking about these questions makes me wonder what the college/uni was thinking when giving us the questions. I mean, really, if you want to be "innovative" or "cool" or "insightful", just give totally wacky essays. If you don't, give us serious essays. There is no in-between. And if there is, there shouldn't be.

Anyhow, today I actually stepped out of the house to get some sun. It felt good. Sunlight's supposed to cheer you up. As the song goes, I work so much I miss the sunshine away. So sunlight's awesome. Then I found a football and played for about half an hour, re-learning the shape of my own foot and dancing around taking shots. It was nice. Afterwards when I came in I didn't feel cold anymore AND my body felt looser and I had more energy. I sound eighty. But really. It was good.

Also: wisdom: if you want to go and ironically watch Breaking Dawn, DON'T. Really. I did this and it was a mistake because half the movie is R-Patz with his shirt off and we know how disgusting that is. You can't irony that away. And to restore the balance of unsavory sights, K-Stew being pregnant means she actually looks like something is sucking her blood, and the other half of the movie when R-Patz has clothes on is when they make K-Stew look terrible and so there is really no redemption. People make fun of Renesme's name in the movie, which is funny. Btw, the filmmakers chose a very good-looking girl to play Renesme so that it looks less stupid for Jacob to fall in love with the fucking baby. So ironically watching breaking dawn is only a good idea if you're crazy like me and your friends can keep up with your commentary about the pro-choice agenda.

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